Property Protection

Do you believe that you deserve a reward for the hard work and risks which you face in your business dealings and investments? Taxation planning and property protection can ensure that you return an appropriate profit and minimalise the risks to your capital. Our services are not only for large companies and investors. We are convinced that no property is so small, that it is not worth protecting.

Trust is more than just a word for us, we realise that discretion and loyalty are key values for our clients.

The resources of Smart Companies, a member of APOGEO Group, allow us to provide unrivalled services, not only in the field of founding onshore and offshore companies, but also to offer complex tailor-made solutions, containing proposed solutions, realisation, in addition to regular updates and advice, based upon the complete context of taxation, legal and accounting legislation in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Trusts come from countries with an Anglo-Saxon legal system, where they have decades of tradition, and are an ideal tool for administration of assets. Trusts are usually used to protect assets, combined with the anonymity of the founder of the trust. Trusts are also most suitable for organising assets and inheritance proceedings.

The obligations of the founder and further claims by third parties cannot be satisfied from assets transferred to the trust, because these assets are now the property of the administrator of the trust.

The founder of a trust transfers his property to the administrator of the trust, who becomes its owner and is bound to administer this property for the benefit of the so-called beneficiary of the trust (the person for whom the property of the trust is administered and who receives benefits from the trust). Therefore, the transfer of assets into the trust means that the founder of the trust ceases to be the owner of these assets.

The administrator of the trust is usually a legal entity established under the legislation under which the trust is founded. The trust is formed on the closing of a trust contract between the founder and the administrator of the trust.

At the moment the most-used localities for founding trusts are Panama and the British Virgin Islands.

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The fundamental aspects of a fund abroad are no different from a Czech fund - an investment fund may be used successfully if the investor wants to have 100% decision-making control over its administration and its profits and the direction in which it will develop, and in which fields it will invest.

The foundation of their own investment fund is a suitable move for such an investor or group of investors, who own a large amount of their own equity. Mutual funds are an ideal solution for clients who want to share an investment strategy established by the investment adviser - they can then join as co-owners of the mutual fund. The investment strategy of the fund is usually defined by statute, approved by the independent regulator, who also oversees the operations of the fund.

Their basic advantages include

  • Achieving a lower taxation rate (only an annual payment derived from the net amount of the assets).
  • Zero tax deductions when paying dividends to the parent company (e.g. in the case of Cypriot funds).
  • Restricted regulatory conditions and regulations.
  • Wide range of investment strategies in all investment fields.
  • Diversification of investment strategies.
  • Possibility of separation in Luxembourg funds – separation of assets and liabilities into “compartments“ between individual funds, from a legal standpoint each sub-fund is separate and autonomous.
  • Quick establishment, using ready-made funds (similar to the method in the Czech Republic).
  • Possibility of achieving low level of taxation with optimum settings and management.
  • Low level of nominal capital.
  • Possibility of applying treaties to prevent double taxation.

Funds are an ideal solution for qualified investors.

At the moment the most-used localities for establishing funds are Cyprus, Malta and Luxembourg.

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Unlike trusts, foundations are especially used in countries with Continental legal systems, where they have also been used for decades. A foundation is a legal entity founded with donations, which then constitute its capital designated for public benevolent purposes. Therefore, a foundation does not carry out commercial activities, but in certain states the founder may designate a person in advance, who will receive benefits from the property of the foundation.

The same as with a trust, after its transfer to the foundation, the property ceases to be in the ownership of the founder, and therefore, cannot become the subject of claims by any third person.

At the moment the most-used localities for establishing foundations are Panama and Lichtenstein.

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