Other services

Virtual office

In all localities where SMART Companies offers the founding or the purchase of ready-made companies, we also offer the possibility of renting a company office.

This is a cheap and comfortable way of gaining a registered domicile, which also serves as a virtual office.

Nominal Service

SMART Companies are prepared and able to provide candidates to fill positions in the statutary and control bodies of our client’s companies. These are verified specialists with experience in providing such services, who carry out their functions on the basis of authorisation from the real owner of the company.

The client can be reassured that the management of the company is always under control, because the company controlled by the members of the nominal statutory body, is still owned by the real owner, who continues to have a full influence on the running of his or her company. In providing this service we place maximum emphasis on integrity, discretion and confidentiality in relation to the performance of functions, and on the reliability and loyalty of the persons who become members of the boards of the client’s company.

Status Service

It is a necessity in every company (in the Czech Republic and abroad) to comply with the obligations arising from a multitude of valid laws, decrees and internal directives within the company. Failure to comply with such regulations may lead to many unpleasant problems, including large fines from the relevant public offices.

This is true for the Czech Republic, but even more so when administering a company abroad, where these problems are also compounded by the need for language skills, knowledge of the specific local factors, as well as the cost of the necessary communication with a local advisor.

If you do not want to spend time and energy dealing with the difficulties of managing your companies, or if you are not satisfied with the current form of administration of your company, we would be pleased to take responsibility for the compliance with the legal and administrative requirements and save you time and money.

In the Status Service we will assume complete responsibility for the administration of your company, which gives you the following advantages:

  • faultless management of legislative and administrative matters;
  • full control over the compliance with the legal requirements for your company;
  • notable time and financial savings.

The main aspects of the Status Service are as follows:

  • supervision over the compliance with the requirements of the founding documents of the Company, the internal directives of the Company and the legal requirements of the relevant state, which concern the company’s regular trading activities, i.e. calling and organising Annual General Meetings of the Company, appointing and removing the statutory and control bodies of the Company, filing documents in the Collection of Documents, registering changes in the Company with the relevant state offices.
  • automatic preparation of all materials and documents necessary for the full compliance with the requirements arising from the founding documents and internal directives of the Company and the legal regulations of the given locality.
  • at the client’s request we may prepare the materials and documents which are necessary to realise the requested changes in the Company.


Our services fulfill Czech Standard - ČSN EN ISO 9001 & Czech Standard - ČSN ISO/IEC 27001