Thanks to daring tax reform, Slovakia has become an exceptionally attractive country for foreign entrepreneurs and investors. A direct result of this reform is the growing number of Czech and other business subjects taking advantage of the opportunity in any way to “move” their registered seat to Slovakia, and thus take advantage of the significantly lower tax burden.

A flat income tax is used here for both natural persons and legal entities at a rate of 19 %. Slovakia also cancelled the withholding tax from dividends and from profit shares. This made doing business very attractive for Czech citizens and companies - the tax burden for legal entities is 20 % lower than in comparison with the CR.

Just like in the CR, the basic legal forms of businesses in Slovakia are the joint-stock company a limited liability company. The bodies of a joint-stock company are the supervisory board and the management board, and for limited liability companies, it is the statutory representative.

Here you’ll find a list of Slovak ready-made limited liability companies and joint-stock companies, prepared for immediate use.

Legal formjoint-stock company (a.s.) / limited liability company (s. r. o.)
LegislationCommercial Code
Foundation time25 days
Share capitals.r.o. 5.000,- €, a.s. - 25.000 €
Bearer sharesNo
Anonymity and confidentialityYes

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