Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is situated nearly midway between Hawaii and the Philippines, and is the easternmost island group in Micronesia. Marshall Islands is recognized worldwide for its sound corporate legislation, political stability, ease of formation and high level of customer service.

Marshall Islands corporations are governed by the Business Corporations Act, which is contained in the Marshall Islands Associations Law of 1990. Marshallese legislation recognizes several types of companies e.g. International Business Company („IBC“), General Partnership, Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Company.

Legal formInternational Business Company (Ltd.)
LegislationCommon law
The Business Corporations Act 1990, as amended
Foundation timeOnce received all required documents from a client, a new IBC is incorporated within 1 day and documents are delivered within 2 weeks.
ShareholdersMinimum required: 1
Form: physical person/corporate body (both possible)
Nationality: Any (Marshallese nationality is not necessary)
DirectorsMinimum required: 1
Form: physical person/corporate body (both possible)
Nationality: Any (Marshallese nationality is not necessary)
Others: local director recommendable to ensure higher anonymity
Share capitalNo specific requirements
Bearer sharesAllowed
TaxesMarshallese International Business Company is not subject to income tax or fees for transfer of property, shares and others securities to/from the IBC. Shareholder´s income derived from the IBC activities is not subject to tax either.
Others: The income of the IBC is not subject to tax provided the IBC does not trade, does not own real estate, does not provide registered office services and does not carry on insurance services in Marshall Islands.
AccountancyFiling of accounts not required
AuditNot required
Anonymity and confidentialityDetails of ultimate beneficial owners/shareholders/directors are not part of public record. This information is only known to the licensed Registered Agent and is therefore kept in complete confidentiality.
OtherRegistered office: must be maintained in Marshall Islands
General meetings: Can be held anywhere in the world
Shelf companies: Yes

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