Banking agenda

The bank account is undoubtedly a key aspect of how the company functions. We are currently able to assist with opening bank accounts in traditional offshore localities, as well as in other countries, including EU members. When choosing a bank, maximum emphasis is placed on protection of the client’s privacy and protection of banking secrecy, while maintaining the necessary level of flexibility of the banking services.

During the process of opening a bank account, a necessary step is the provision of the relevant documents as part of our KYC (Know Your Customer) programme. The documents which banks usually request may be divided into three main groups:

  • Identification of the company
  • Identification of shareholders and authorised representative
  • Identification of the real owner, the so-called UBO

Nevertheless, it is our duty to warn you that every bank reserves the right not to open a bank account. This risk may be eliminated by precise communication with the banker and by promptly providing all the required documents from the company for which the bank account should be opened, as well as for the whole shareholder structure up to the level of the natural person, the so-called UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner).

List of selected banks

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